Integration with BaseLinker

The integration allows you to download orders from BaseLinker and assign them to messages from Inbox in Responso.

In the message view on the right, a panel will appear with information about the order status and a link to redirect to the BaseLinker panel to a specific order.

But that is not all. Thanks to the integration, you will also extend the functionality of BaseLinker. In the BaseLinker itself, in the order view, a panel with messages assigned to that order from Responso will appear. You don’t need to install a plugin.

Add integration in a few simple steps.

1. Adding integration in Responso

To integrate the Responso system with BaseLinker, you must associate the account with our system. To do this, go to the Settings> Integrations> BaseLinker tab, then add your BaseLinker accounts.

2. Activating integration in BaseLinker

If you want to activate the integration from the BaseLinker level, proceed as in the video below.

3. Email redirection (optional – if you want to handle messages from BaseLinker CRM)

For the integration to work properly, you need to redirect e-mails from the mailbox to which notifications come. Instructions for redirecting messages to Responso’s systems can be found at this link.

4. It is ready!

After correct integration, additional information downloaded from the BaseLinker system will appear in the message view.

In addition, by going to BaseLinker in the Orders tab, we will find integration with Responso in which you will find all available messages or after opening a specific order, the correspondence assigned to this order will appear below. To do this, go to Orders> All, then go to a specific order.

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