Integration with Amazon

To integrate Responso with Amazon, you need to follow the next steps.

Configuring the mailbox

To configure the mailbox to receive and send messages at Responso, go through a few steps. Messages on Amazon will be delivered and updated when you send a message from Responso.

To integrate with Amazon, we will need the email address that was created at the beginning, we can find it here

Let’s update the email address on Amazon to redirect the message to Responso.

  1. We must go to Managing Permissions on Amazon

  2. After logging in, go to the seller’s profile (Seller Profile)

  3. At the target Marketplace (Customer Service Details), click edit and in the Customer Service and Customer Service Reply-to E-mail places, paste the email address from Responso.

Let’s add an alternative address to Amazon (Responso as sender)

  1. We copy the email address from Responso.

  2. We go to Managing Permissions in Amazon.

  3. Click on add a new email (Add new email).


  1. We go to the Notification Options.

  2. We have to scroll down to Return and Claim Notifications and click edit.

  3. We paste the address from Responso in Claims Notifications and Refund Notifications as another address (Add another).

  4. After saving, we need to go to Messaging and click edit.

  5. We must click add a new (Add another) under the section Buyer Messages, Confirmation Notifications, Delivery Failures Buyer Opt-out and paste our address from Responso.

In case of any problems with the configuration, please contact us at

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