Email integration via IMAP/SMTP

To smoothly integrate any mailbox with the Responso system, you can use email integration via IMAP/SMTP, which will allow you to retain the entire email correspondence history. In the instructions below, we outline the steps to follow for the proper setup of this integration.

Adding Integration in Responso

To configure email in Responso, go here.

Fill in your email login details, SMTP settings, and IMAP settings:

You should complete the information on both sides, and then press the Create button.

For Gmail, before adding the settings, enable IMAP access:

NOTE: If you want to connect with Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, you will need to use an application password to connect.

Please follow the instructions below to learn how to create an application password:




After fetching messages via IMAP, they will be marked as read, and sent messages will appear in the sent folder.

This functionality is in beta. You can use it, but we are working on improving it.

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