Welcome to responso documentation. Here you will find some useful guides on how to use the platform

What is Responso? Save your time and money

Try a tool that will prevent you from having to answer your customers’ urgent inquiries in the middle of the night. Responso will serve them for you like a real employee of your store.

Process automation, managing customer requests from multiple channels in one panel is one of the distinguishing features of the Responso software. Don’t lose customers because of poor quality communication.


Central Inbox

Inbox is nothing but your mailbox which will contain all messages redirected from many sources. Inbox is divided into the following sections:

All tickets:

  • Preview all news from any source we’ve added.

  • Tickets will show messages with all statuses.

Service tickets:

  • All messages are not assigned to any agent.

  • Messages can contain a tag or be assigned a priority.

My open tickets:

  • My messages are in open status.

  • Each subsequent message from the client will be assigned to me by default.

Awaiting reply:

  • All messages are in open status.

  • Messages can be tagged and have an agent assigned to handle the ticket.

In Inbox, you can make mass changes to tickets. You can change their status or pin them to a dedicated agent:

You can also give it the appropriate priority or change its status without going directly to a single ticket:

Before entering the ticket directly, you can view the first and last message by hovering the cursor over it:

Before starting work at Responso, you have to remember to add redirects from your email inboxes to your Inbox.

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