Predefined filters

Filters are very important to find the desirable messages easily and quickly. In the Responso system, we have added the ability to donate and save your filters. Quick access is possible through the list of your filters in the left navigation menu in the Inbox:

To create a new filter, you have to select “Filters” in the upper right corner:

Then you must “Add filter” and select the parameters you are interested in:

You have the option to add multiple parameters for one filter. In the end, you have to save it, give it a name and create it by clicking the “Create” button.

You have to remember to check the “Share with others” option if you want the filter to be visible to the rest of the team:

Defined filters can be edited by renaming them or removing them in settings> Filters:

The basic filter to separate messages from different inboxes will be a filter with the Inbox parameter added. You must remember to add it if you plan to redirect multiple email addresses to Responso.

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